IEEE FG 2024 uses a two round submission and reviewing procedure, where authors have the chance to submit new papers in either the first or the second round in line with the following timeline:

  • Round 1
    • Paper submission (extended to): 2 October 2023, 11:59 PST
    • Notifications to authors: 13 December 2023
  • Round 2
    • Paper submission (extended to): 26 January 2024, 11:59pm PST (firm deadline)
    • Notifications to authors: 5 March 2024

For paper submission instructions, please follow:

Round 1 Submissions

Papers that are submitted in the first round go through a similar process as journal submissions. That is, the submitted papers are first reviewed by members of the FG 2024 Technical Program Committee (TPC), and the Area and Program Chairs then render a first decision based on the feedback and recommendations received. The decision at this stage can be:

  • Accept: Papers that receive an Accept decision are directly accepted for presentation at IEEE FG 2024 and will be included in the technical program of the conference.
  • Revision: Papers that receive a Revision decision are invited to submit a revision together with a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments. Similar as with journal submissions, the revised submissions are examined by the same reviewers as in the first round and handled by the same Area Chair. The reviewers are typically only asked if their concerns have been addressed and to make a final recommendation. The revision process replaces the rebuttal procedure that is used by many conferences in our field.
  • Reject: Papers that receive a Reject decision are judged to not be suitable for presentation at IEEE FG 2024 and are not invited for resubmission. These papers are rejected directly in the first round.

Round 2 Submissions

The second submission round is open for submission of two kinds of papers:

  • Resubmissions of revised papers: Papers that received a Revision decision in the first round and have been invited for resubmission in revised form should be submitted in the second round following the  procedure outlined in the paper submission page.
  • New submissions: Authors are encouraged to submit new papers during the second submission round. New submissions will be assigned to members of the Technical Program Committee and an Area Chair and will be reviewed through a normal reviewing process. Kindly note that there is no rebuttal in this round and all submission will receive either an Accept or a Reject decision at the notification deadline.

Policy on papers rejected in the first round:  If a paper was rejected in the  first round, the authors are in general free to submit it to the second reviewing round as a new submission. However, this should only be done if significant improvements are made to the paper that address the comments of the reviewers and Area Chair. Kindly note that papers submitted as new submissions will be assigned reviewers and Area Chairs through the automatic assignment wizard of CMT, so the reviewers (and Area Chair) of such submissions will likely not be the same (but they might be)  as in the first round.