We invite proposals for the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and gesture recognition (FG 2024) competition track to be held in Istanbul, Turkey. After the success of the past years, a new edition of the competition track will be held at FG 2024. We solicit competition proposals on any topic of interest to the FG community. We especially encourage competition proposals from emerging new fields or new application domains related to FG. Interdisciplinary topics that will attract a significant cross-section of the community are especially highly encouraged.

There may have two types of competitions:

  1. Standard data science competitions, where participants will compete to obtain the best score on a machine learning task of interest to the FG  community based on a problem and data defined and released by the organizers of the competition.
  2. Live competitions, which will be held in a “science-fair” manner at FG 2024. Participants will present live demos at FG 2024 which apply methodology to an application domain defined by the organizers of the live competition.

There will be a competition track at FG 2024, co-located with the conference workshops, where competition results will be presented and discussed. Competition organizers will be asked to propose a tentative schedule for presentation of the competition and its results during an assigned time slot; FG will provide coffee breaks and, if necessary, poster facilities.

Reviewing and selection process

A competition program committee will be formed, consisting of experts on the scope of the conference and on challenge organization. Each proposal will be reviewed by at least three members of the committee. The factors that will be considered when evaluating proposals include:

  • Task chosen: Impact, originality, relevance to the FG community will all be considered. Tasks that include humanitarian and/or positive societal impact are especially highly encouraged, although other topics relevant to the FG community will also be considered.
  • Protocol of competition: Feasibility of the task chosen, soundness of the evaluation criteria, and clarity and fairness of the competition rules will all be considered.
  • Logistics: Schedule, plan for attracting competition participants, and experience and diversity of the organizers will all be considered. The specific plan for attracting participants of groups under-represented at FG  will be considered.

Proposal preparation and submission

Standard data science and live competition proposals must both be submitted via CMT at:


Please carefully follow the provided Latex template:


when preparing proposals.

Important dates

  • Competition proposal submission deadline: October 9th, 2023
  • Acceptance notification: October 28, 2023
  • Competition track: May 2024

Additional comments

  • Competition organizers should propose a timeline for running the competition to ensure that participants have enough time to contribute high-quality entries. It is recommended that competitions be completed by the end of February, 2024 at the absolute latest.
  • Competition organizers that require help or suggestions regarding competition platforms for running the competition can contact the competition chair for advice.

Previous competitions

Competition chairs

Sergio Escalera, CVC, UB, Spain, ChaLearn, USA

Hugo Jair Escalante, INAOE, Mexico, ChaLearn, USA